Infographic: Students May Need Support in Speaking Up

Do students feel heard by professors in the classroom and by administrators at their college or university? Inside Higher Ed's inaugural Student Voice survey explored the issues students want a voice in and offered insights into how campus officials might listen and respond better. View the infographic for highlights from the survey that show why … Read more

Criminal initiative targeting scholars who allegedly hid Chinese funding and affiliations comes under growing scrutiny

On Jan. 14, with less than a week to go in the Trump administration, federal agents arrested a prominent mechanical engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gang Chen. Chen, prosecutors alleged, failed to disclose on a federal grant application various financial ties and affiliations with Chinese entities, including his participation in Chinese government talent … Read more

Graduate students should have more of a voice in shared governance (opinion)

People often speak about “getting a seat at the table”: accessing places where decisions unfold. Academe has its own tables, and it matters who sits at them and, even more, who does not. As doctoral candidates socialized to question, research and understand the world around us, we’ve wondered about the dynamics of those decision-making tables … Read more

Texas Donors Threatened to Pull Gifts Over Fight Song

Wealthy alumni threatened to pull donations to the University of Texas at Austin because its president largely stayed silent in response to student boycotts of the university’s fight song. Students have called on the university to rewrite or replace “The Eyes of Texas” for months, The Texas Tribune reported. The song was first performed at … Read more

Provision in COVID-19 relief bill would ease incentives for for-profits to target veterans

A years-long push to lessen the incentive for for-profit institutions to recruit veterans as students took a major step toward becoming law with the House’s passage of a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package Saturday morning. Included in the package, which would also send another $40 billion in aid to the nation’s colleges and universities during the pandemic, … Read more

Bob Jones University Drops Mask Mandate

Bob Jones University, a Christian institution in South Carolina, has backed away from requiring face masks in classrooms, the Associated Press reported. Masks will still be required to enter buildings but can be taken off once students are seated and instruction has begun. Mask mandates are ubiquitous across higher education both in South Carolina and … Read more