Texas Donors Threatened to Pull Gifts Over Fight Song

Wealthy alumni threatened to pull donations to the University of Texas at Austin because its president largely stayed silent in response to student boycotts of the university’s fight song. Students have called on the university to rewrite or replace “The Eyes of Texas” for months, The Texas Tribune reported. The song was first performed at … Read more

Graduate students should have more of a voice in shared governance (opinion)

People often speak about “getting a seat at the table”: accessing places where decisions unfold. Academe has its own tables, and it matters who sits at them and, even more, who does not. As doctoral candidates socialized to question, research and understand the world around us, we’ve wondered about the dynamics of those decision-making tables … Read more

President of St. Bonaventure Succumbs to Covid-19

St. Bonaventure University is mourning the loss of its president, Dennis R. DePerro,who died on Monday from complications of Covid-19. He was 62 and had been hospitalized since late December. His death dealt a devastating blow to the Franciscan campus of around 2,000 students in Western New York, where he was remembered as a collegial … Read more

How One Professor Uses Slack for Teaching

Dr. George Ehrhardt is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Appalachian State University. Following my piece The Slack Outage and Us, George reached out about how he has utilized Slack in his teaching. George generously agreed to share his Slack teaching experience in a Q&A: Q1: How do you use Slack for your teaching? … Read more

Ithaca College AAUP questions assumptions behind the budget plan (letter)

To the editor: On February 24, the provost, president and Board of Trustees of Ithaca College announced the College’s acceptance of a plan entitled “The Shape of the College,” which aims to reshape the institution’s academic infrastructure in the service of ensuring the stability of its finances in the long term.  This announcement should not … Read more

The Single Biggest Equity Issue in Higher Education

If you didn’t pass advanced math, chemistry, and physics in high school, it is unlikely that you can succeed in today’s high demand fields: Accounting, Computer Science, Engineering, Nursing, and a host of STEM disciplines. In fact, one of the reasons why a disproportionate share of men drop out of college is because of a misguided … Read more